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Pura Big Mouth Silicone Sport Top (Mint)

Pura Big Mouth Silicone Sport Top (Mint)

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Pura continues to innovate, and this may be our best product yet… the Big Mouth™ Silicone Sport Top! Inspired by the evolving needs of our own children the Pura team set to work to create the best all-around activity top… one that will work equally well for kids, adult, athletes… in fact anyone that wants a 100% plastic-free, free flowing, leak-proof top for their stainless bottle!
To our knowledge the Big Mouth is the first and only 100% plastic-free sport top on the global market. You can rest assured that you are getting the safest top for your child or anybody in the family. Convert your standard or insulated Kiki bottle into the perfect bottle for school age kids!

Age range: 4 years to Adult
No Plastic Components...No Safety Concerns!
Baby Grows...Bottle Evolves™: Extends the usable life of Kiki bottles to older kids and adults
Includes an attached lid to keep the drinking surface clean
Vented sip guard eliminates spills but still allows free flow of liquids
Crafted from safe, anti-bacterial medical grade silicone
The only 100% plastic-free sport and activity top on the global market
BPA-free & EA-free - will not leach toxins like plastic straws or lids
Operates with all Pura juvenile bottles
Meets all FDA, CPSIA, EN14350, & German LFGB regulations and/or guidelines
Patent pending

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Toddler loves it!

I thought it might be hard for my toddler to drink from the sport top as he was used to the straw top but the hole is small and he is able to drink on his own without it leaking.

Rita D
Love Pura Products!

Great Product!

Regan Bebber


Good for older kids/adults

This spout has 2 open holes so my LO ended up tilting it too much and puring the liquid all over. I am using it for myself now! I really like its just not great for a 2.5 yo