Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers

• Cloth Diapers are mostly made from natural fibres, such as cotton, hemp or bamboo.

• They are highly absorbent wihout the use of chemicals. Disposable Diapers contains chemicals, and the exposure of these chemicals to the baby's skin can cause rashes and skin irritations.

• Many of the Cloth Diapers are made using organic cotton. Cotton breathes, letting air circulate to the baby's skin, reducing the risk of skin irritation.

• Using Cloth Diapers can be less expensive. The initial cost for Cloth Diapers can be much higher, but they are reusable and once you own them, you have them for life. There is no need of constantly buying Disposable ones.

• They are environment friendly. Unlike Dispoasble Diapers, they do not thrown in landfills and take hundreds of years to decompose. Reusable Cloth Diapers means less waste and better for the environment.

• Babies using Cloth Diapers are expected to toilet train earlier. During toilet training time children who have been in cloth will recognize sooner when they are wet than a baby in Disposable Diapers.

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