Pregnancy Announcement Gifts

Announcing the wonderful news of a pregnancy is such a special moment in life, filled with excitement and joy. Sharing this incredible news with loved ones is a heartwarming experience, and choosing the perfect pregnancy announcement gift can add even more meaning to this precious occasion.

Pregnancy Announcement for Grandparents, Dad and Family

The excitement, surprise, and love that come with the announcement of the pregnancy to the parents and husband of the expecting mom create lasting memories and strengthening the bonds within the family. Get creative with ideas like unwrapping a gift box filled with baby items or simply unveiling personalized baby onesie or personalized T-shirts.

How do you announce a pregnancy with onesie?

1. Choose the onesie with the right message. (learn more)

You can go for onesie with common pregnancy-related messages, such as "Coming Soon" or "Oh Baby", or you can go for funny one like "Player 3 has entered the game". You can have the onesie personalized with due date for added fun.

2. Consider the timing of your announcement. (learn more)

Choose the perfect moment to share your news. Family gatherings, special occasions such as anniversary or birthday, and holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving make for ideal opportunities to surprise your loved ones. Popular onesies with prints like "Santa Baby" or "Best Gift Ever" are great choices for a Christmas pregnancy announcement.

3. Plan the reveal. (learn more)

Several ways to reveal the onesie, and your choice should align with your personality and the preferences of your loved ones.

  • Give as a gift: Wrap the onesie in a gift box. You can include other baby items as well. Have your loved ones unwrap the gift.
  • Photo or video announcement: Share the photo or video of you holding the onesie with your friends and family.
  • Treasure hunt game: At a gathering, create a fun treasure hunt game where participants follow clues to find the onesie at the end, revealing the pregnancy.

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