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Pura 11oz Straw Stainless Steel Bottle (Straw / Green Sleeve)

Pura 11oz Straw Stainless Steel Bottle (Straw / Green Sleeve)

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Include: a stainless steel bottle, a straw and a silicone cover


- No Plastic Components...No Safety Concerns!

- Baby Grows...Bottle Evolves™: Easily converts from a straw bottle to a sippy cup or infant bottle by simply swapping the Silicone Straw for a Pura XL Sipper™ Spout or Natural Vent Nipple™.

- Crafted from safe, anti-bacterial, #304 stainless steel.

- Pura Silicone Straw™ crafted from 100% medical grade silicone.

- BPA-free & EA-free and will not leach toxins like plastic straws, bottles, or collars.

- Internal volume markings make measuring your child's milk or other beverage a snap. Each ounce is marked and can be seen by glancing inside the bottle.

- Silicone Travel Cap included.

- Lifetime warranty on stainless components.

*Accessories are interchangeable between Pura Kiki bottles and are sold separately.

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