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Milkies Milk Saver

Milkies Milk Saver

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Help moms to reach the breastfeeding goals! A perfect baby shower/new mom gift - or as a treat for yourself!

This award-winning patented Milk-Saver is such a wonderful invention for breastfeeding mothers. It collects your leaking break milk as you nurse - allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly with each feeding.

Easy to use - simply slip the Milk-Saver into your bra-cup on the non-nursing side before you breastfeed. The Milk-Saver collects the milk that is leaked when your breast milk lets down. You can store this milk and save it for any time it's needed.

Slim and portable - the patented Milk-Saver allows you breastfeed anywhere without the fear of embarrassing leaks or uncomfortable nursing pads. And with its stylish, durable case, your Milk-Saver will stay safe and clean when you're on the go.

Comes with a convenient carrying case that also serves as a stand for the Milk Saver

Tested to ensure zero chemical leaching: contains no BPA or ohthalates

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent product!

Great for catching leaked milk (on the opposite breast) while feeding, but not practical for use outside of the house as it's quite bulky. I am 1 month pp and have been able to collect at least 3 oz daily with the Milk Saver. A lot of it is probably foremilk, but it's better than nothing. Also has saved me a lot of nursing pads!

Erika Clark
Love it!

I just bought this for my third baby and wished I had it for the other two. It works well and definitely helps save on nursing pads. Plus you get to save extra milk. One downside is that it is quite large and as a small busted lady I only use it at home as it would not be discrete if I was out and about. But overall I love it!

Genevieve Fillion
Quick delivery

I received everything as ordered in a timely delay. It's for when baby is born so I haven't had a chance to try the product yet.

Love, love, love

Wish I had found this months ago! Made in USA, catches all the milk easily. It's a little big so I use it at home mostly.

Anonymous person
Milk saver

Love this product! The amount of saved milk is amazing. Well worth the money and very easy to use.