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Loveable Creations Felt Wall Decorations - White Flower

Loveable Creations Felt Wall Decorations - White Flower

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Loveable Creations® is a North American leading Manufacturer of Children's Quality Felt Wall Decorations, setting the standard in both design and quality. All of our creations are uniquely hand made using "green" materials purchased in the USA and Canada.

Loveable Creations® has been in existence since 1988 and has built its success on providing wall designs to match the décor of every infant and child's room.

Each Wall Decoration is carefully crafted by loving hands with special attention given to both detail and quality using only the finest fabrics such as premium felt, thick fuzzy sherpa and cotton corduroy. This special formula gives each Loveable Creations® it's one-of-a-kind-look.

Color: Red Flower

Size: 15" x 9"
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