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Laundry Eco Washball

Laundry Eco Washball

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ECOWASHBALL is filled with high grade ceramic pellets, which help remove dirt from the fibers and wash your laundry clean. It is not only as effective as using detergent, but also anti-allergenic. ECOWASHBALL is simply placed among the laundry in the drum of your washing machine. In combination with a little detergent, the ball washes just as clean as detergent on its own. ECOWASHBALL lasts around 1,000 washes (around 4 years on average) and does not require refilling. For loads up to 5 kg a single ball will do the job, if you generally use larger loads we recommend to use 2 balls.

ECOWASHBALL has been extensively tested against ordinary detergents. Not only by GreenHabits itself, but also by prestigious Dutch and foreign research institutes, such as the Korean KATRI, the German Tüv and the Netherlands’ best-known research agency. In all tests concerning cleaning power, ECOWASHBALL achieved excellent results.

Main results of comparative tests of ECOWASHBALL versus ordinary detergent:
Stain removal
ECOWASHBALL and the detergent scored equally well in removing stains. ECOWASHBALL was less good than the detergent in washing out stains such as soot and olive oil, but scored considerably better for other types of stains, such as black currant juice and carob flour (often used in baby food).

ECOWASHBALL scored better on colour protection than a traditional detergent.

Dimensional stability (shrinkage)
ECOWASHBALL caused much less shrinkage than a traditional detergent.

Tensile strength
ECOWASHBALL scored slightly better on tensile strength, in other words: the textile remained strong for longer.

Pilling (textile lint)
The effect of ECOWASHBALL was the same as that of an ordinary detergent.

Size: 3.5” diameter

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