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Imse Vimse Get Started Kit

Imse Vimse Get Started Kit

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Organic Certification: Organic cotton is 100% certified by Control Union.

This starter kit includes 2 flannelette contour diapers, 2 soft covers with hook & loop, 1 roll of flushable diaper liners.

Size & Weight:
Newborn (7-13 lbs. / 3-6 kg)

Small (11-17 lbs. / 5-8 kg)

Medium (15-22 lbs. / 7-10 kg)

Large (20-26 lbs. / 9-12 kg)

Wash on warm or hot, tumble dry low or hang dry. Do not use fabric softener.

Choose the right starter kit according to your child's weight. Wash the diaper and cover before use. When changing the diaper, flush down the biodegradable liner, rinse and wring out the diaper. Wash within three days

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