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Heimess Wooden Touch Ring Elastic Natural Ball

Heimess Wooden Touch Ring Elastic Natural Ball

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This elastic touch ring is meant for all those who like natural wood. All in all, this touch ring offers high play appeal and provides haptic pleasure.

About Heimess
Heimess baby accessories and toys have been “Made in Germany” for over 50 years. High quality standards and natural materials ensure the fabrication of a quality product. Heimess toys are to a large extent made by hand. Only local wood such as beech, sycamore and walnut are used.

Benefits of wood
Wood, as a natural product itself, has an antibacterial effect and is therefore ideal even for children with allergies and less efficient immune systems. Babies can safely put Heimess toys in their mouths without harm.

Non-toxic paints and dyes
Heimess uses water based paints and dyes which are completely non-toxic and harmless for babies. Just as with any other toy, Heimess products get worn too – but loss of color does not diminish the safety.

Safety Standard
Heimess baby accessories and toys are tested both internally and externally (GS mark for Tested Safety) for resilience and safety. Heimess toys meet strict European safety norms: EN71-1 (2005) amd A4 (2007) for toys amd EN12586 (2007) for babies' chains. These quality toys also fulfill the requirements of the Canadian toys act.
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Customer Reviews

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Amy Medland
Four Star

I was a little disappointed to find that this toy is not in fact a rattle, even though it says it's part of the Heimess Wooden Rattles. The toy makes no sound. I was also disappointed to find that the elastic is very tight, so the toy is not very flexible or squishy like other beaded elastic ball toys I have seen. However, maybe the toy was never meant to be flexible or squishy, in which case that's my mistake. Other than these two minor issues the toy was great, and I'm sure the baby I bought it for will have a grand time playing and chewing on it.