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Gro Shells - Percy the Penguin

Gro Shells - Percy the Penguin

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GRO SHELLS - Percy the Penguin
Percy the Penguin is one of three collectable characters that are fun companions to the Gro-egg. The Gro-egg Shells maintain all of the Gro-egg’s current features including its important night light and temperature reading functions. Percy the Penguin makes the Gro-egg more decorative and visually appealing for both children and adults, whilst maintaining its practical safety features that so many parents have come to rely upon to ensure their children have a safe night’s sleep.

• Co-ordinates with Winter Warmer Grobag Baby Sleep Bag
• Maintains important features of the Gro-egg
• To be used with the Gro-egg digital room thermometer
• Gro-egg not included

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