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Boba Carrier Babywearing Carrier 4G (Freya)

Boba Carrier Babywearing Carrier 4G (Freya)

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Boba Carrier 4G (Limited Edition Freya)

The Boba Carrier makes babywearing more convenient, comfortable, and ergonomically correct than ever before. It grows with your child, thanks to an integrated infant insert, detachable foot straps, and 10 other bonus features. Now parents and kids of all shapes and sizes can explore the world—together!

1) Removeable sleeping hood
The Boba Carrier 4G comes with a removable sleeping hood that is adjustable to fit growing babies. You attach the hood with snaps to the shoulder straps to keep the sun out of your little one’s face, or provide them a cover when taking a nap. The hood can also be zipped up into the zipper pouch when not in use.

2) Comfortably fits heights 5'0" - 6'3"
The shoulder straps are fully adjustable for parents of different sizes.

3) Waistband range: 25" - 58"
The waist belt extends to 58 inches without an extender so parents of all sizes can wear their babies.

4) Additional adjustment for easier fit breastfeeding
On either side of the carrier, you will find an extra strap next to the body of the carrier. These straps allow extra adjustment to pull the baby's entire back closer to you in the Boba Carrier. In addition, these straps can be used to obtain a little extra space between you and your baby. The quick adjustments make nursing a lot easier and a lot more spontaneous.

5) Removable foot straps
The removable foot straps attached to the waist belt help keep older children comfortable while enabling a healthy sitting position. The foot straps not only give tired little legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets and aligns the spine.

6) Elastic bands neatly roll up straps
At the end of each strap are elastic bands to keep your straps looking neat. Roll the extra hanging straps up and tuck the ball into the elastic bands and you don’t have to worry about them dangling down.

7) Shoulder strap holders keep purse in place
Located on each shoulder strap of the Boba Carrier is a purse strap holder to keep your purse, diaper bag, shoulder bag, etc. in place. Keeping a bag on your shoulder while wearing your carrier can be challenging, but just snap your bag into place and it will not fall off your shoulder again!

8) Easily adjustable chest strap
The chest strap slides up and down easily along the piping of the shoulder straps. Slide the strap up and down to get the perfect fit.

9) Uniquely designed to "hug" your child
The shape of the Boba Carrier is designed to keep your child close to your center of gravity.

10) Includes Integrated Infant Insert
The Boba Carrier 4G now comes with an Integrated Infant Insert that allows the carrier to grow with your child.

11) Body of carrier rises 2"-3" higher than other brands
The Boba Carrier is designed to support your child to 45lbs, therefore the back of the carrier supports them as they get taller.

12) Multiple pockets for on-the-go storage
There are two pockets on the waist belt of the Boba Carrier. They are the perfect size to store a credit card, money, keys, lip gloss etc. One zips closed to keep your belongings safe. These pockets were also designed to fit most smart phones.

• Weight Range: 7-45lbs
• Waist Belt: 25"-58"
• Fits Adults: 5'0"-6'3"
• Buckles Used: Duraflex
• Zippers Used: YKK
• Shoulder strap length: 20" to 40"
• Fabric 100% cotton for the Classic Collection
• Height of the body of the carrier: 15.7". Height of the waist belt: 5.1"
• Width of the Seat of the Carrier: 12.5"
• Weight of the carrier: 2lbs

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