Launched in Toronto (Canada), Lady Jeneva is born out of the founder's own struggle for unrealistic "perfect figure" many years ago in Los Angeles (United States). Lady Jeneva is the founder's desire and mission in making shapewear easy, fun and sexy for average women like her all day every day without breaking the bank.

At, you'll find Arm Shaper and X-strap. All Lady Jeneva's products are shipped from our warehouse in Toronto, Ontario.

Posture Corrector For Women

All the Lady Jeneva tops provide upper back posture support. Hence, it straighten your back preventing slouch and hunchback posture. Unlike those posture brace that are uncomfortable to wear for long, Lady Jeneva's compression top provides a more ease and relax wear.

Beside benefits to back posture, it also helps gather chest to give you push-up look and prevent your chest from sagging. With any bra you wear, this compression vest will help to push up and gather your breast just like the push up bra. It will define your cleavage and make your breast appear more contoured and shapely under any outfit.