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Essentia Dormeuse REM9 Organic TWIN Mattress for Adult

Essentia Dormeuse REM9 Organic TWIN Mattress for Adult


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Made in Canada

Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

The pinnacle of Essentia sleep technology, the Dormeuse REM9 organic performance mattress is where you will benefit from all 7 of Essentia’s key elements to experience enhanced Deep Sleep. Featuring Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam, the ultra adaptive sleep surface has an accelerated response to movements for reduced sleep interruption.

Experience luxurious zero gravity comfort that evenly distributes body weight and eliminates pressure points. You’ll stay in deep sleep and rem sleep stages longer as you are lulled into a state of micro-hibernation as the sleep surface actively thermoregulates up to 9 degrees cooler as you sleep.

The Dormeuse REM9 organic latex mattress is available in 2 different contour options: Mid Contour for an elevated support, and Fior Contour for a deeper support.

Certified Organic, Green & Healthy

Essentia strives to create foam mattresses that never make you choose between performance or health. Each component used in our GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic factory is nontoxic, ethically sourced, and certified organic. In fact, Essentia’s skilled craftsmen do not need protective gear while blending our patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam formulas because clean air is at the core of our values.

DYNAMIC COOLING: Activated Quartz Foam

The coolest stone you’ll sleep on, and the opposite of rock hard! Essentia’s newest technology pulls from the properties of quantum energy by incorporating activated quartz into the patented organic latex foam formulas to enhance the cooling effects you experience.

This non toxic mattress creates a clean air environment, reducing VOC exposure.

The sleep surface of the Classic REM5 latex mattress is proven to sleep up to 5 degrees cooler over an 8-hour sleep cycle helping to eliminate heat as a sleep stimulant!


Avoiding EMF radiation from 3G, 4G, and 5G waves in our connected world is almost impossible today.

While you may not be able to see it, the chaotic EMF radiation waves affect your body and in turn your sleep! The unnatural waves directly affect your blood cells and how they flow through your body causing them to cluster and clot, Essentia has identified this via dark film microscopy. This in turn disrupts the flow of oxygen through the body, at night this becomes a sleep disruptor as your brain needs oxygen to properly cycle through all the steps needed for your body’s daily recovery. Essentia’s EMF protection foam upgrade can be added to your Classic REM5 mattress which is proven to mitigate the effects of EMF radiation and return your blood cells to their natural free-flowing state.


1. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover. Protects the natural latex mattress & can be easily removed for simple and fast cleaning.

2. Nontoxic Flame Barrier. A Kevlar fabric liner covers the mattress & is the only nontoxic, allergy-free FR option.

3. Beyond Latex™ Slow Response Organic Foam with Activated Quartz. This layer contours to your body offering pressure relief and enhanced cooling properties.

4. Beyond Latex™ Slow Response Organic Foam. Ensure a deeper contour for back support and pressure relief.

5. GOLS Certified Organic Latex Support Core. Ensure proper back support and spinal alignment for many sleeping positions.

WHAT YOU WON'T FIND: No springs, no polyurethane foam, no fiber batting, no wool, no latex proteins. Tested by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, these VOC allergy-free organic latex mattresses support a safer, healthier home.

Essentia’s 7 Key Elements of Regenerative Sleep

Creating a sleep environment that produces enhanced REM and Deep Sleep cycles means we must eliminate any stimulant that can affect your sleep and disrupt these natural cycles. By eliminating sleep disruptors such as pain, tossing and turning, allergens, heat, EMFs, and chemicals you will experience an increased rate of recovery that improves both your mental and physical wellness.

LONGER DEEP SLEEP: Accelerated Recovery

The Beyond Latex™ organic foam formulas exclusive to the Dormeuse REM9 organc mattress allows it to react quickly to every movement and readapt to your body eliminating sleep interruptions. This is important as your body will make natural movements at night, but the goal is for you to never be woken up by them. This in turn keeps you in Deep Sleep and REM sleep cycles for your body to truly heal and recover from the day.


Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam does more than simply cool, it actively pulls heat away from the body & through the mattress, allowing you to sleep cool all night. With the addition of activated quartz to the foam formulas, not only will you feel the coolness of the sleep surface on contact, but the surface temperature of the Classic REM5 will sleep up to 5 degrees cooler at night, which is a game changer for hot sleepers!


There is no wool, fiber batting, or latex proteins in any Essentia sleep product. This not only eliminates the nesting ground that dust mites live breed in but also ensures that a person with a latex allergy can also sleep on Essentia. Tested by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Essentia mattresses are impervious to dust mites do not contain the latex proteins that may trigger allergies. Thus less exposure to allergens.

BETTER SUPPORT: Posture Support

Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam eliminates negative space for proper back support and your most comfortable sleep ever. The GOLS certified organic latex (#CU 847578) support core featured in all Essentia mattresses ensures proper spinal alignment.


Patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam eliminates pressure points & evenly distributes body weight allowing for oxygen and blood to flow more freely, this helps to eliminate numbness and soreness. Exposure to high levels of oxygen encourages the brain to remain in deep, restorative sleep cycles.

NO CHEMICALS: Certified Organic

Essentia uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced organic components. By using organic and natural components, you reduce VOC exposure so your body can stop fighting outside stimulants and spend time recovering from the day. All Essentia mattresses, pillows, pet beds, and crib mattresses are made in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic (#CU 847578) factory.


In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to avoid EMF radiation from 3G, 4G, and 5G waves in our environment. Even though you cannot see them, these waves directly affect your body and in turn your sleep! Through dark film microscopy Essentia has identified that your blood cells cluster and clot disrupting the natural flow of blood through the body when exposed to EMF radiation. Optimizing oxygen flow through your body is a major key to deep, restorative sleep. Essentia’s EMF barrier foam is proven to return your blood cells to their natural free-flowing state thus allowing oxygen to flow freely through your body and improving your sleep quality. You can choose to upgrade your Dormeuse REM9 to include the EMF barrier foam.

Breathe fresh clean air – chemical-free

COMFORT & POSTURE SUPPORT: Beyond Latex Slow Response Foam

The progression for selecting the right foam mattress is by determining the depth and elasticity for your preferred comfort but ultimately for your posture. Classic REM5 performance mattress is available in mid contour or fior contour support. Our high-density patented organic latex foam formulas do not sacrifice quality and durability for comfort.

Your choice between mid contour and fior contour support should come down to your spinal type. A flat back and sway back enjoys mid contour support, while a pronounced back curve would enjoy deep contour support. There are many factors that can affect the contour to your body as well including the type of foundation you are using which is why we recommend a firm support and no box spring!


Essentia’s vegan mattresses are thoughtfully designed and sourced to provide clean, ethical, and life-replenishing sleep. Being true to our Beyond Organic® values, every Essentia product made in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory is 100% certified nontoxic, vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and has no toxic flame retardants. Following these strict protocols is the right way to assure the purest possible outcome to preserve clean bedroom air while still achieving the highest recovery performance sleep benefits.

STOP BREATHING CHEMICALS: Clean Air for a Healthy Night’s Sleep

Handmade in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory (#CU 847578), we only source the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to ensure the healthiest sleep surface. You won’t find any polyurethanes, You can sleep easy knowing your Essentia nontoxic mattress contributes to reduced VOC exposure and promotes clean bedroom air.

SKILLED MATTRESS CRAFTSMEN: Handcrafted in our Certified Organic Factory

Producing Essentia’s performance organic mattresses requires the precise eye and attention to detail of our skilled craftsmen. The latex blends must have the perfect elasticity to create the cradling and supportive core unique to each Essentia model. Once the core components are properly formulated and cured each undergoes quality testing prior to being assembled, finished, and packaged. We take pride in the fact that our team works in an environment that doesn’t require protective wear or excessive ventilation as all of our components are safe and healthy, so much so that we call our latex foam blending room the kitchen.

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