Collection: Endanzoo

Endanzoo™ is a line of premium quality organic baby & kids clothing made with 100% GOTS certified super soft organic cotton. Designed and Printed in Canada.

"Very well made. The cotton is extremely soft to the touch, the edges and lines are exact, the color is nice."

Reviewer: Smart Mommy Healthy Baby (Read More)

"Harmony with endangered species" is the inspirational message behind the name Endanzoo which resulted from a visit to a zoo. Endanzoo support the good cause of saving endangered species such as African Elephant, Black Rhino, Polar Bear, Blue-Throated Macaw, and Blue Whale.

10% of the net profits will go towards Endanzoo's project for endangered species. For more information about Endanzoo's project, please visit ENDANZOO WEBSITE

Why Organic Clothing?

As we all know, a newborn child has delicate skin. The first thought that comes to our mind is what comes closest to your baby’s skin? By selecting organic clothing, your little one’s exposure to harmful chemicals has been reduced.