Welcome to our world of unique personalized baby gifts! We understand the joy and significance of celebrating the arrival of a precious little one. That's why we've curated a collection that goes beyond the ordinary, offering you a wide range of one-of-a-kind high-quality gifts for baby boys, girls or gender neutral that will make a lasting impression.

From customized baby blankets adorned with their name to personalized onesies that reflect their individuality, our selection is designed to capture the essence of special moments. Let us help you create cherished memories with our thoughtfully crafted and distinctive personalized baby gifts.

Personalized Text or Baby's Name Printed with Water-based Inks (No Hard Vinyl Coating!)

All personalized organic baby clothes, baby blankets, dolls and blankie toys would be printed in-house in Toronto with eco-friendly water-based inks using state-of-the-art DTG printing method. There will be an absolutely zero hand-feel on the personalized print (i.e. No Vinyl coating or any hard coating!).

Fast Turnaround Time (Under 24 Hours*)

Most of the orders are processed under 24 hours on any weekday. Ship out from Toronto via Canada Post, UPS, or Purolator on the same day after personalized printing is completed.

  • Custom Baby Clothes

    Design Your Organic Baby Bodysuit/Onesie with Text or Image.

  • Personalized Baby Blankie & Toys

    Cute & Cuddly Personalized Organic Blankie Toys and Custom Organic Dolls.

  • Personalized Baby Blankets & Towels

    Add Name to Milestone Blanket, Hooded Towels, Swaddles Blanket, & More.

  • Customized & Personalized Baby Gift Baskets

    Customized & Personalized Zeronto™ Baby Gift Baskets inspired by Zero Waste + Zero Plastic

  • Custom Tee Shirts

    Design Organic Tee Shirts for Kids, Moms, and Dads with Text or Image.

  • Personalized Funny Bodysuits

    Find Stylish, Cool, Funny, Sarcastic, and Crazy Baby Bodysuits/Onesies for Boys or Girls.


Top Customized & Personalized Baby Gifts:

Find the best of Customized & Personalized Baby Gifts that will stand apart.

Zeronto™ Baby Gift Baskets

Looking for the Perfect Baby Gift that Guaranteed Smiles for the Baby, Parents, and our Planet?

Check out Zeronto™ Baby Gift Baskets, inspired by Zero Waste & Zero Plastic.


Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Gift Ideas for Any Theme, Any Budget, and Any Occasion.


Helpful Information: Personalized Baby Gifts

How do I choose a personalized gift?

The personalized baby gifts hold a unique charm that makes the new parents feel truly special. Choose the right personalized gift by following the guide below:

1. Consider the new parents' interests and hobbies: Pay attention to their conversations and social media posts to gather clues about what they love whether it's watching movies, cooking, reading, sports, or arts.

2. Think about the occasion: Is it Baby Shower, Welcoming Newborn, First Birthday or Gender Revealing?

3. Choose safe and non-toxic items: When opting for a personalized gift, think about products that are safe and free of harmful chemicals especially for a delicate newborn baby. Items such as 100% organic cotton clothing and toys with water-based paints are much appreciated by new parents.

4. Consider the baby's age: Since a newborn grow very fast, it's important to know whether the baby is few weeks old or few months old.

5. Practicality and usability: While sentimentality is essential, practicality and usability should not be overlooked. Consider how the personalized gift will fit into the new parents' daily life.

How to personalize baby gift without name?

If you are unaware of the baby's name or uncertain about the exact spelling, here are some ideas how to personalize baby gift without name:

Initials or Monogram: Instead of using the baby's full name, consider using their initials or creating a monogram with their initials.

Baby's Family Name or Last Name: You can have personalized baby bodysuit with the printed texts like "Newest member of the Smith family" or "Baby Smith".

Dad's or Mom's Profession and Hobbies: You can put "Future Ceo", "Little Doctor in training", or any inspiring or humorous text related to the new parents' professions. Similarly, you can have inspiring "Daddy's Future Hockey Buddy" or "Future NBA MVP" for sport-loving Dad and Mom.

Custom Image or Design: Create a custom illustration or design that represents something special about the baby or their family. You can have the image printed on baby bodysuit.

Inspiring Text: Choose a meaningful quote, poem, or message that resonates with the occasion and reflects your wishes for the baby's future. You can have this printed on the baby bodysuit or written in a card.