What is Baby Sling?

Baby sling is a short woven wrap used to carry newborn to toddler. It is a classic way of baby wearing. As for Baby ring sling, it is a woven wrap with a pair of rings for adjustability.

Why buy baby sling?

- Allows carrying the baby naturally.

- Skin to skin contact with newborn.

- Easy for breastfeeding

- Promotes healthy hips and spine development through natural positioning of the baby.

At BabyJoy.ca, you'll find wide selection of Baby Sling. Some of the featured Baby Sling are:

Chimparoo Ring Sling


Chimparoo Ring Sling (Juliet)

The Chimparoo ring sling replicates the traditional single-shoulder carry method. Essentially, it is a compact woven wrap featuring a pair of rings for effortless adjustment. Generally, the ring sling caters to woven wrap enthusiasts seeking a more streamlined option with less fabric and enhanced simplicity.

Manufactured in Canada, the Chimparoo ring sling is crafted from the same organic, non-toxic cotton fabric utilized in Chimparoo's woven wraps. Suitable for use from infancy onward, you can comfortably utilize the ring sling for an extended duration. It accommodates all ergonomic positions: front-facing in, on the hip, or on the back. This carrier facilitates discreet breastfeeding by employing the tail as a cover, securely cradling your baby. Additionally, you can position your baby on the front facing outward, with their legs comfortably nestled within the pouch. The ring sling is available in two sizes and features a zippered pocket on the tail. This attribute complements its quick, user-friendly, and appealing design. The practical nature of this accessory effortlessly complements your attire, whether you're indoors or attending a formal evening event. While dads can certainly use it, it tends to be a favored choice among moms. Shop now

Beco baby sling

Beco Baby Ring Sling - Ocean

Crafted entirely from cotton, Beco Baby Ring Sling contain large aluminum rings. It comes in one size with no need for buckles or snaps. Shop now

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