What does Mei Tai means?

Mei-Tai is refers to a kind of Asian baby carrier. The word ‘Mei-Tai’ is pronounced from Chinese (Cantonese). By ‘Mei’, it means carrying on the shoulder, whereas ‘Tai’, it is carrying strap. It is the simplicity of the carrier that makes it so popular not only in Asian but around the world. There are many kind of Mei-tai. The most basic or common type of Mei-tai is the one where waist-belt and shoulder straps attached to the middle panel where the baby is seated.

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Chimparoo Mei Tai

Chimparoo Mei Tai Carrier (Sol)

The Chimparoo Mei Tai boasts several distinctive features that set it apart: crafted from gentle woven cotton twill, equipped with a lateral adjustment system tailored for newborns, adaptable seat settings to suit babies under 2-3 months old, a convenient sleep hood, and cushioning in the waist, shoulder straps, and beneath the thighs. These combined attributes make it an optimal choice for newborns. Certified for use with children weighing 7-35 lbs, this carrier remains suitable as long as you find it comfortable. Your infant can be comfortably positioned in four ways: facing in on the front, facing out on the front, on the hip, and on the back.

The Chimparoo Mei Tai is frequently regarded as a hybrid, bridging the gap between a woven wrap and a soft structured carrier like the TREK or MULTI 2.0. Designed for both men and women, its appearance seamlessly blends urban and natural elements. Its cozy, comfortable, and supportive design is owed to the same supple, lightweight cotton twill utilized in our woven wraps. Effortless to use and lightweight, it is compact and easily mastered. You'll find it indispensable, whether you're indoors or venturing outside. The elongated shoulder straps accommodate a wide range of body types and permit the carrier to be worn over your coat. Shop now

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