TOP 5 Organic Baby Teethers in 2024

baby organic teether

The teething period is one of the most crucial phases of a child’s life. The pain and discomfort that the baby experiences during this time can also be quite stressful for parents. Teethers are the perfect solution as they soothe and relax the baby, providing relief from the discomfort.

Benefits Of Organic Teether For Your Baby 

Organic teethers are the very best because they contain no harsh chemicals or toxic materials. They are made of 100% natural materials, making them the safest and healthiest option.

Conventional teethers often include components made of silicone, formaldehyde, various plastics, dyes, and metals. Some even contain harmful elements like lead and mercury. Mere exposure to these materials can cause severe damage to a child’s well-being. It's crucial to avoid these conventional options at all costs to ensure that your baby has the healthiest and happiest teething days.

Opting for safe, organic, and natural teethers will provide you with peace of mind, as they are entirely free from chemicals, BPA, and non-toxic materials such as paints and PVC. Additionally, they will ensure that your precious little one is spared from the distress that would otherwise be experienced during this period.

Choosing the right teether is of utmost importance. You can never be too careful about what your little one puts into his or her mouth. Here at, you will find the best range of organic teethers that your baby will love to chew on, helping you get through the teething phase.

TOP 5 Organic Baby Teething Toys 

1. Ringley Zooley Elephant Baby Teether

The Rinley ZooLEY Elephant Baby teether is created from certified organic cotton and untreated Maple wood, which is naturally antibacterial. The Rinley Teether contains a tidy polyester fill, ensuring they are machine washable (please remove the ring before washing), and they also feature a subtle rattle inside. The wooden ring is affixed to the animal using Velcro, facilitating effortless removal before washing. For more Ringley Teethers, please Click Here.

Ringley Zooley Elephant Baby Teether


2. Wee Gallery Organic Cotton Baby Teether - Lion

Elicit smiles with this charming lion teething toy, expertly crafted from organic cotton. Our eco-conscious teether is designed to fit snugly in little hands, featuring our distinctive high-contrast illustrations, a filling and outer layer both made entirely from 100% organic cotton, and a teething ring fashioned from eco-certified maple wood.

While being lightweight for babies, this Wee Gallery Organic Cotton Baby Teether (Lion) offer a solid hold through the combination of the maple wood ring and the organic cotton's inherent texture. With a variety of textures, it offer optimal teething surfaces and stimulating tactile experiences for your baby. For more Wee Gallery Teethers, please Click Here.

Wee Gallery Organic Cotton Baby Teether - Lion


3. Apple Park Organic Teething toy - Sloth

Crafted using materials certified by GOTS as organic, this gentle Apple Park Organic Teething Toy (Sloth) is designed for easy grasping by tiny hands. Its varied textures provide comfort to your little one during teething. Crafted into an adorable sloth shape, the toy utilizes GOTS certified organic cotton and is filled with corn fiber. It dangles from a sleek ring made of natural rubber wood that is free from phthalates. For more Apple Park Teething Toys, please Click Here.

Apple Park Organic Teething toy - Sloth


4. Apple park Organic Cotton Starfish Teething Toy

Another teething toy from Apple park that have caught the eye of every mom. Crafted from a blend of entirely organic materials including cotton, corduroy, and sherpa, and generously stuffed with corn fiber, this amiable Apple Park Organic Cotton Starfish Teething Toy offers delightful amusement while also providing soothing relief to your baby's tender gums through its attached rubber wood ring. Embrace the opportunity to nurture resilience in your little one with this captivating sea creature! For more Apple Park Teething Toys, please Click Here.

Apple park Organic Cotton Starfish Teething Toy

5. miYim Organic Knitted Teether - Hippo

Baby have a natural inclination to discover the world through their sense of taste, a trait especially evident during teething. This miYim Organic Knitted Teether (Hippo) and rattle cater to this exploration with utmost safety and a natural touch. The resilient organic knit fabric not only withstands use but also provides a soothing gum massage as your child chews on it. Manipulating and shaking the toy contributes to the development of your child's motor skills and spatial awareness, while the plush texture offers them comforting softness. This dual-purpose knit teether and rattle embodies miYim's commitment to producing toys that prioritize both children's well-being and the health of our planet.


At, you will discover an extensive array of teethers, ranging from organic options to wooden varieties. Featuring brands like Heimess, Apple Park, Ringley, Wee Gallery, CaaOcho, Vulli Sophie, Little Cheeks, and many more. View all teethers 

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