5 Unique Mother's Day Gift Baskets For New Moms

Welcoming a new life into the world is a momentous occasion, and Mother's Day is the perfect time to celebrate the new mom who makes it all possible. Whether it's her first Mother's Day or she's already a pro, finding a gift that shows appreciation, love, and thoughtfulness can be challenging.

Here are the ideas for new mom gift baskets from Zeronto™ that are designed to delight and pamper her in this new chapter of her life.

1. Relax time! Lovely Spa Treat for Mom Gift Basket

This basket is the perfect way to celebrate and pamper new moms. Thoughtfully curated with zero waste, this eco-friendly basket includes a cozy organic cotton maternity robe, a cute mom tee, soothing organic raspberry leaf tea, natural body butter, and fragrant bath bombs. It's all wrapped in a beautiful, reusable cotton cloth designed by local artists. Plus, a portion of each purchase helps fight child hunger. A heartfelt gift that cares for mom and the planet! Shop now


2. Bee Happy & Beeautiful Theme Basket Just for Mom

Bee Happy Live Happy! This thoughtful gift basket includes a "Bee Happy" bee-themed t-shirt for mom, complemented by an array of pampering and practical items, including an organic cotton maternity robe and nurturing skincare products. It is a charming, eco-friendly way to shower new moms with love. Shop now


3. Cutie Pie in the Wonderland (New Mom & Baby Girl Gift Basket Idea)

Start a captivating journey for a new mom and her baby girl with a delightful newborn gift basket. This enchanting collection whisks mom and her little princess into a fantasy world, complete with a soft organic cotton toy, a storybook, and matching organic cotton outfits for both mom and the baby. Ignite their imaginations and foster unforgettable memories as they begin their own storybook adventure surrounded by a floral setting. Shop now


4. Best MOM Ever Theme Gift Basket Just for Mom

Celebrate the "Best MOM Ever" with a delightful gift that appreciates her uniqueness and dedication. A thoughtful collection including items like a cozy maternity robe, a personalized tee, and luxurious skincare essentials, this gift basket is perfect for pampering and acknowledging all that she does. Wrapped in sustainable materials, it’s a present that cherishes both mom and the environment. Shop now


5. Custom Your Own (Gift Basket Idea for Matching Mom and Baby Boy, or Baby Girl)

Explore the world of Zeronto™ Custom Mom and Baby Gift Basket, tailored specifically for new moms. Personalize your gift with a range of options like matching mom and baby clothing, luxurious skincare essentials, organic toys, and ultra-soft blankets, all beautifully presented. This is your chance to create a thoughtful, personalized gift that celebrates and supports a new mom in your life, with the flexibility to cater to any preference, be it for a baby boy, girl, or a gender-neutral selection. Shop now


BONUS: First Mother's Day (Bear Family) Gift Basket from Zeronto™

Celebrate a new mom's first Mother's Day with thoughtful gifts that honor her new role. This Zeronto Mom & Baby Gift Basket for First Mother's Day (Bear Family) is an eco-conscious, zero waste gift choice designed for new mothers and their babies. This beautifully curated basket includes a range of organic and sustainable items like soft cotton bodysuits, matching t-shirts, a snuggle blanket, and more. Shop now


Each basket is eco-friendly, supporting sustainable and zero-waste goals, making your gift both thoughtful and environmentally conscious. For more Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms, please Click Here


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Love the custom gift basket option!


I wd love to give Basket 2 to my daughter Nicky, who just gave birth last week! Lots of great items here she wd love.

Mike erdle

I love Bee Happy & Beeautiful Theme Basket Just for Mom. New moms get so many baby gifts, but rarely something for themselves – which is why this is my absolute favourite! My daughter just gave birth five days ago to a beautiful baby boy (baby Robin!), and I would love to gift her this wonderful basket. Thank you for this opportunity!

cathy erdle



Best MOM Ever Theme Gift Basket Just for Mom

Eniko Gaspar

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