The Must-Have Items To Put In A Baby Gift Basket

Are you planning to create your own gift basket but feeling unsure about what items to put in a baby gift basket for newborns and new moms? Well, you've landed in the perfect spot! We're here to provide you with a helpful guide on what items to put in order to create an exceptional baby gift basket. Whether you're attending a baby shower, visiting a newborn, or simply want to surprise new parents, we are here to help you put together a thoughtful and memorable gift that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Before we dive into discussing the must-have items for a baby gift basket, let's address some important questions:

How many items should a baby gift basket have?

Well, the number of items in a new baby gift basket can vary depending on personal preferences and budget. If you're thinking of putting together a small-sized basket, it usually includes around 4-6 items. For a medium-sized basket, you can aim for 8-10 items, and if you're going for a larger-sized basket, it will typically have over 10 items, incorporating a mix of big and small items. Ultimately, it's up to you and the size of the basket you have in mind.

The Must-Have Items For A Baby Gift Basket

1. Baby Clothes 

Baby clothes like bodysuits, pants, rompers, footies, kimonos, are an absolute must-have when it comes to choosing items to put in a baby gift basket. They serve a vital purpose by providing comfort and practicality to newborns and infants. With countless charming designs and styles available along with personalization and customization, they make for a thoughtful addition. 

Additionally, choosing baby clothes made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton ensures that the little one's sensitive skin remains free from harmful chemicals and irritants. The organic clothing promotes environmental sustainability, contributing to a greener future for the child. Shop Now: Organic Baby Clothes




2. Baby Blankets and Swaddles 

Opting to give a baby blanket or a swaddle as a gift is a wonderful idea for several reasons. Firstly, it provides much-needed warmth and comfort to newborns, helping them feel snug and secure. Secondly, it serves as a practical gift that parents will appreciate, as it can be used for swaddling, napping, or even as a playmat. Lastly, a baby blanket with personalization holds sentimental value, becoming a cherished keepsake that reminds the family of the love and care they received during this special time. Check out Endanzoo Baby Monthly Milestone Blankets that can have multipurpose uses such as being a swaddle blanket, nursing cover, photography backdrop, car seat cover, and more. Shop Now: Organic Baby Blankets 


3. Bibs, Beanies, Mittens and Accessories  

Baby accessories like bibs, beanies, and mittens are excellent choices for baby gifts and can be easily arranged in a gift basket. Babies need a lot of these items, and they serve practical purposes in keeping them clean, warm, and protected  while also making the parents' lives easier. Shop Now: Organic Beanies & Mittens

4. Groom and Baby Care items 

Good brushes and combs are essential for maintaining a baby's hygiene and grooming. These items are gentle on the delicate scalp and help prevent tangles, making them practical and useful for parents while ensuring the baby's comfort and well-being. Shop Now: Baby Grooming


5. Bathing Essentials 

Bathing essentials are a fantastic option for baby gifts because they serve multiple purposes. They not only ensure the baby's cleanliness but also contribute to their relaxation and bonding experiences. Gentle soaps, shampoos, soft towels, and fun bath toys make bath time enjoyable while promoting healthy skin. These gifts show care for the baby's well-being and provide practical support for parents in establishing a nurturing routine. Shop Now: Baby Bathing Essentials


6. Baby Development Toys and Soft Dolls 

Rarely is a baby gift complete without the inclusion of toys. Just that you have to be mindful of the size of your gift basket to make sure the toys can fit in. The numerous benefits of the toys are stimulating sensory development, encouraging cognitive and motor skills, and providing entertainment and comfort. Toy like wooden rattles stimulate the baby's senses with its gentle sound and natural texture, encouraging auditory and tactile development. On the other hand, a rubber teether provides relief during the teething phase, soothing sore gums and promoting oral motor skills. Dolls are wonderful for providing babies with a sense of security and companionship, as they help form strong bonds between the child and their cherished "friend."

Making sure that toys are non-toxic are incredibly important as baby gifts, especially considering that children have a tendency to put things in their mouths. By choosing toys free from harmful chemicals, we prioritize the safety and well-being of the child. These toys provide a healthier play environment, giving parents peace of mind knowing that their little ones can explore, learn, and play without any risks of ingesting or being exposed to toxins. Explore our range of toys like Organic Dolls, Natural Rubber Toys, and Wooden Toys, made with low impact and non-toxic dyes. Shop Now: Organic Dolls & Toys



7. Feeding essentials  

Baby bottles make excellent practical gifts, demonstrating care and consideration while providing convenience for busy parents. They offer a reliable and safe feeding solution, ensuring the health and well-being of infants. Opting for baby bottles made of food-grade stainless steel or glass ensures they are free from harmful chemicals like BPA commonly found in plastic bottles. Glass bottles are durable, easy to clean, and odor/flavor-free, while stainless steel bottles retain temperature, keeping liquids warm or cool as desired. Another good feeding essential are the burp pads that provide essential protection against spit-ups and messy burps, ensuring both the baby and caregiver stay clean and dry. Shop Now: Baby Feeding Essentials


8. Baby Books 

Picture books make a meaningful gift for babies, nurturing a love for reading from an early age. With colorful illustrations and engaging stories, they promote language development, imaginative thinking, and create special moments between parents and infants. These cherished books create a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning, opening doors to endless exploration and growth. Shop Now: Baby Books


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