How To Gift Wrap Using Japanese Furoshiki Technique

What is Japanese Furoshiki Cloth Wrapping?

Furoshiki, the eco-conscious traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, is a single piece of fabric. Rooted in history for over 1,200 years, it remained a sustainable choice until the close of the Edo Period. The eco-friendly tradition of using furoshiki traces its origins back to the Nara Period (710-784) when it was employed to protect the valued possessions of the Emperors, showcasing an early commitment to environmentally mindful practices.

What is Furoshiki Cloth made of?

Furoshiki Cloth is mostly made of 100% cotton.

What is Furoshiki Cloth used for?

Furoshiki cloth is a square-shaped traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. It is not only eco-friendly but also serves multiple purposes, such as gift wrapping, carrying items, or as a decorative element. There are many method of using Furoshiki cloth for wrapping. Some of the examples are shared below.

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