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Strawesome Straw Cleaning Brush

Strawesome Straw Cleaning Brush

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This stainless steel handled, black bristle nylon fill tube brush is ideal for cleaning your Regular, Smoothie, and Bubble Tea diameter glass straws. This brush can also be used to clean Skinny straws, but it is very snug.

If you do not own a dishwasher or tend to wait till later to clean your straw(s), we strongly recommend a cleaning brush. It makes the job quick and easy.

Note: This brush is just 6" in length, so you have to feed it into both ends of your straw to throughly clean it out. The Blender Straw (12" long) is currently our only product that this brush doesn't get inside entirely - it doesn't get about an inch in the middle. Since most Blender Straw users are by a sink when drinking from their blenders, we recommend a quick rinse of the straw to handle this issue.

¼” Diameter
2” Brush Length
6.25” Overall Length
0.088” Twisted Stem Diameter
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