Oxo Tot Sippy with Handles (7oz) - Green

Oxo Tot Sippy with Handles (7oz) - Green

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Available with handles, the 7-ounce Sippy Cup is easy for little hands to hold when baby is transitioning from a bottle.

The Sippy Cup with Handles has soft, non-slip Handles that are angled so baby doesn't have to turn his wrists too far; the Handles are removable for when baby’s grasp develops.
All Sippy Cups have non-slip grips, a dimple in the lid that makes room for little noses, and translucent walls to show just how much is left.
Each has a leakproof valve which releases pressure for comfortable sipping and is easily removable for cleaning.

All OXO Tot Sippy, Straw and Training Cup lids are interchangeable.

- Cup transforms as child grows and develops
- Leakproof valve prevents spills
- Air valve releases pressure for comfortable sipping
- Dimple in the lid makes room for little noses
- Liquid level can be seen through translucent Cup Soft, non-slip grips
- Removable handles Valve is shaped for easy assembly and cleaning
- BPA, phthalate and PVC free
- Top-rack dishwasher safe