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Chimparoo Woven Wrap (Alizee)

Chimparoo Woven Wrap (Alizee)

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Chimparoo Woven Wrap
The benchmark for all baby carriers
Long-term reliability and unparalleled comfort
From birth to early childhood
No weight limit
5 carrying positions
Multiple tying methods, from basic to complex
Hands-free breastfeeding with ease
Woven from organic cotton, certified free from toxic chemicals
Easy care, high performance durable fabric.
DVD included

For comfortable babywearing without limits. The all-purpose baby carrier that you cannot live without! Elegant, simple and natural. Inspired by traditional babywearing practices from around the world, the woven wrap is the benchmark for all baby carriers. The advantages of this carrier stem from the tying technique used and the quality of this woven long piece of fabric.

Chimparoo is built on the reputation of its woven wrap. The cotton twill woven fabric is known for being organic and free from toxic chemicals, as well as its accessibility. A comprehensive instructional support system accompanies each wrap. High-quality instructions, written guides, photos and videos allow all users to wear their child in a practical and secure fashion. The Chimparoo woven wrap is a premium-grade carrier that can be used from birth. Adaptable to different body types of wearers, men and women alike, and suitable for a child of any age, regardless of the child’s weight. This is the most versatile and comfortable baby carrier currently available on the market. The wrap perfectly envelopes your baby in the desired position, and its width provides full ergonomic support of baby’s body from head to knees.

There are many possibilities with this carrier, but we recommend the following 5 positions: on the front facing in; on the hip; on the back; cradle position and on the front facing out.

There are various techniques to achieve these 5 basic positions. Over 20 techniques are illustrated in the accompanying DVD. For a simple and easy introduction to the woven wrap, we recommend starting with the videos on this page: the front wrap cross carry, the hip wrap cross carry and the rucksack carry. A regular or extra length wrap is required for the above-mentioned carries. The wrap is fast and easy to use once you have mastered a tying technique. You only have to invest the time and effort to get there.

Refer to the section below for details on how to select the right length of wrap, compare the woven wrap with other wraps and baby carriers, the level of difficulty for a particular carrier or tying technique, and more.

Please click here for Instruction Manual

Step 1 : Front carry introduction
Installation of the wrap in preparation for front carries. We recommand you to only learn this technic to start. This knot will let you have the best experience with the woven wrap. With the cross wrap you can carry in all position and change from one to the other easily. Now if you want to learn others tehcnics feel free! Babywearing fans will find advantages on each of them.

Step 2 : Front carry tummy to tummy ( Cross wrap)
The cross wrap is the most versatile and comfortable knot. This knot will let you place the baby in all positions. It is perfect for a new born but it will be also wonderful with your baby until you feel him too heavy.

Front carry, in and out (Cross wrap)
Sit the baby in the car and keep the wrap while driving the car or during the time you take to change a diaper.

Front carry cradle position
You can easily change of position when using this knot. Nursing has never beeing so easy to do!

The cross wrap is a good start with the woven wrap. This knot let you place your baby easily on your tummy, in cradle position and on the hip keeping the baby inside the wrap. Useful and comfortable.

Back carry (Kangaroo)
We recommand starting with the kangaroo on your back. Always be careful and ask for the assistance of another person.

Front facing carry (Cross wrap)
Be aware of the good positionning in the carry. Facing out is not recommand for many reason. Always keep one hand on the baby while using this position. Baby can fall on the sides.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Deborah Kuo
Lots of use

I was undecided between the Mei Tai and the woven wrap so bought both. So far, for the newborn/infant, I like the woven wrap better because it provided flexibility and coverage for what I wanted to do. It was also less finicky than the other one, to use because there were no fixed ties or sections. The quality is amazing and the colour is vibrant and beautiful. I hope to learn to wrap other styles other than the standard front cross carry one. I wonder if it might get more difficult to use for larger/older babies/kids... haven't gotten there yet.

Catherine Giles
Great gift

This was a gift for my sister, she loves it and the shipping was sooo fast! Came just in time for her baby!

Carly Mackenzie
Love at first wrap

This wrap is amazing and colour is gorgeous. It wraps nicely and is comfortable to wear! This is a great wrap!!!!