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Chimparoo TREK Woven Carrier - Meli

Chimparoo TREK Woven Carrier - Meli

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The Chimparoo TREK is the contemporary of the woven wrap, designed for those who desire an ergonomic and supportive soft structured carrier. Sporty and chic, down to earth and sophisticated, this carrier is for men and women with refined tastes, the nature lovers and the trend-seekers. Perfect for home, a walk around town or a hike in the forest. You can use its integrated seat for newborns right from birth. The carrier’s structure is built to comfortably accommodate a child up to 18 months and beyond with the stirrups.

There are 3 possible positions: on the front, on the hip or on the back.

The stretchy and adjustable sleep hood fully supports baby’s head when necessary. Adaptable to most body types of wearers, men and women alike. The long waist belt and chest straps make adjustments easy. Shoulder straps can be worn crossed or rucksack style with the chest clip. Simple to put on and easy to use, the TREK is made from organic cotton, certified free from toxic chemicals. We recommend reading the instructions on how to use a carrier safely and instructions specifically for the TREK, as well as watching the available videos. The Chimparoo TREK is very comfortable and versatile, having been designed to meet all your needs.

Adjustment and support system that is ergonomic
Comfortable, practical and simple
From birth to early childhood. (7-45 lbs).
Stretchy head support and seat for newborn
3 carrying positions
Padded shoulder straps and semi-rigid waistbelt
Adjustable and multi-positional shoulder straps
Designed to be used with stirrups
Woven from organic cotton, certified free from toxic chemicals
One size
DVD included

Overall level of learning: Easy


Front carry with a newborn baby (crossed straps)
- Crossed straps on the back
- Installation of the baby lying on the knees while you are sitting on a chair

Front carry with a newborn baby (Sterum Straps)
- Front carry with a new born baby
- Installation of the baby from a flat surface or a bed
- Straps fixed with the sternum straps in the back

Sterum Straps
- Front carry with a newborn baby
- From a chair

With a 6 Months baby and older (Cross Straps)
- When not in use, the seat is tucked away by attaching it to the head support and by folding it into the interior pouch. You don't need it anymore when the baby is big enough to be sit completely in the baby carrier. You have the choice of having the shoulder straps worn either rucksack style with the chest clip or crossed behind your back to secure baby in place.
The video will show a demonstration with the MULTI 2.0. The TREK doesn't include the back extension system.

Hip Carry
- The baby has to be able to hold his head by himself to use this position
- Always secure the buckles with the elastic (not demonstrated in the video)
- Always keep one hand on the baby while fixing the buckles.
- Securely fasten the buckles. Be sure to hear the ''click''

Back Carry
- 1 Scoota baby technique
- It is better to try this technique with the assistance of another person.
- Always secure the side buckles with the elastics.

Back Carry - foot Straps
- 2 Backpack Carry

Head Support
The head support is stretchy and fit all babies sizes. It can be fold in a pocket when not in use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Deborah Kuo
Well made

Quality made product by a Canadian company. I really think that this is well made but I don't know about using it for a newborn because it feels too big and the baby seems to "get lost" in it... I would say it is probably better for a slightly older/larger baby than a newborn. Beautiful colours and solid fabric.

Carole Desjardins

Seriously, this baby carrier is perfect! My baby love it too! Great quality ! Easy to use and really comfortable! And it's a canadian product!

Elaine Chak
Cozy warm!

Haven't baby carried my toddler in a while now, but I bought this for keeping him warm on bike rides. Baby Joy delivered the cover faster than I expected and got to test it out right away. It worked beautifully!

Excellent product fast shipping

Love it ! Easy to put over carrier and great looking ! Buy on friday and received on thuesday. Thanks for the fast shipping =)

So pretty

Love it!