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BabyLegs Organic Legwarmers (One Size/ Ice Princess)

BabyLegs Organic Legwarmers (One Size/ Ice Princess)

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  • Make diaper changes and potty training easy.
  • Protect crawling knees from harsh surfaces.
  • Keep legs and arms warm year-round.
Size: One size fits Most! 8 cm x 33cm

Organic Cotton (65% - 90%), Latex-free Spandex, Nylon/Polyester (depending on the design)

BabyLegs® became a leader in children's fashion when it created a new niche for its original line of children's leg and arm warmers in 2005. Invented by a mom to keep her daughter's legs warm while she was diaper-free, BabyLegs® leg warmers quickly became a parenting essential because of their utility, practicality, and stylish appeal. They've since added socks and tights, and more is on the way! BabyLegs® The Original. Like You.
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