Baby Gift Baskets inspired by Zero Waste + Zero Plastic

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Introducing Zero Waste + Zero Plastic Baby Gift Baskets from Zeronto. Based in Toronto, ZERONTO is a Baby Gift Baskets Company inspired by Zero Waste and Zero Plastic i.e. Good for our Planet and good for our Babies. 

Their goal is to help you find a useful and thoughtful baby gift that will bring great smile to the new parents without sacrificing the environmental sustainability of our Planet.

 Zero Waste

When a baby is born, you cannot resist buying gifts for such a cutie pie. Often times, the wrappers used for wrapping gifts were of one-time use. Whether it's the carbon disulfide-produced Cellophane wrap, non-biodegradable PVC shrink wrap, or the relatively better paper wraps, it's simply wasteful. All these wrappers would end up in landfill and would have a harmful impact on the environment.

At, you'll find wide selection of Zero Waste + Zero Plastic baby gift baskets from Zeronto. Each basket is artistically wrapped with cloth by local artisans using the ancient Japanese Furoshiki method that combines simplicity and reusability with elegance. 

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